16 May 2008: New web-based installation tool for Windows users.

14 May 2008: Coldfire passes all test cases.

8 April 2008: Update to newlib 1.16.0, gcc-4.2.3

6 December 2007: Application construction developer tutorial.

2 December 2007: Updated build instructions.



The Coyotos Secure Operating System

Coyotos is a secure, microkernel-based operating system that builds on the ideas and experiences of the EROS project. Much of the code developed for EROS will migrate directly to Coyotos.


The Coyotos project has several objectives:

Target Platforms

Coyotos is being developed on AMD-64 and Pentium platforms. A port is also underway to recent Coldfire processors. Once we have a baseline kernel working, we would welcome help getting it running on PowerPC and ARM processors as well.

It is far too early to speculate about release dates.

Mailing Lists

At present, the main mailing list for the coyotos project is coyotos-dev. This list is intended primarily for developers and architects. When a release exists, we will add a user-oriented list as well.