Coyotos Projects

This page will shortly provide an index of projects that are underway.


The Coyotos effort is our main project. Sub-projects are underway to implement SMP support and improved driver support for IA-32.


The sherpa library does the ``heavy lifting'' for various tools in the Coyotos tool chain. It also seems to be seeing use as a BSD-licensed bignum package. Assistance in improving libsherpa is generally appreciated.

Component Building

We will soon add a category of ``needed components'' to our Bugzilla database. These range in complexity from very easy to very hard. If you are looking for something to build, search for a needed component.


If you wish to contribute to the Coyotos effort, you need to execute the Joint Assignment Agreement. This allows us to enforce the open source license terms and to redistribute your work. Note that it is a joint assignment — you remain free to do anything you wish with your own work.

To submit the Joint Assignment Agreement, download the HTML file and edit it to put in your name, your address, and so forth. Sign it and send it to us by paper mail, by fax, or by e-mailing a scanned copy to assignments (at)